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Cherry Chocolate Ice Cream

Prep Time: 20 min I Cooking Time: 20 min I Freezing Time: Overnight for best results I Serve: 5 - 6

Cherry Choco Ice Cream is made with fresh cherries and with the combination of the delicious cherry marmalade and the tangy paste, you get a double hit of cherry flavor that everyone will go crazy for. The crunch from the chocolate balls elevating it to a whole new level of goodness. Give this irresistibly chocolatey, delicious dessert a try and surprise your loved ones!

Ingredients :-

For Cherry Marmalade :-

1.5 cup Cherries (washed & pitted)

¼ cup Fresh Orange Juice

¼ cup Sugar (brown/white)

For Ice Cream :-

500 ml. Whipping Cream

½ tsp. Vanilla Essence

250 g. Condensed Milk (I have used Nestle Brand)

¼ cup/10-12 Chocolate Balls

1 tbsp. Broken Milk Chocolate

1.5 tbsp. of Cherry Marmalade (reserved)

Process :-

Wash the cherries thoroughly, discard the stem and remove the seeds. Add the pitted cherries + orange juice + sugar to the pan. Mix well and stir for 2-3 mins on low-medium flame. Cook for 4-5 mins. Once it starts boiling, cover it with a lid. Let it cook for next 8-10 mins on low flame until cherries turn soft.

After 10 mins remove the lid and stir again. Mash the cherries with the help of a spatula/spoon and let it cook until it starts thickening. Stir continuously to avoid burning

Once it thickens, switch off the gas. Transfer it to a bowl and let it cool down

Once cold, reserve 1.5 tbsp. of cherry marmalade and add the remaining to the grinder jar and blend to make a smooth paste. Set aside (covered) for later use

Add the whipping cream to a large bowl and beat well on a medium to medium high speed with the help of an electric blender. Whisk just until the cream gets fluffy

Next add vanilla essence + condensed milk + cherry paste/marmalade to the bowl. Mix well until homogeneous

Transfer ⅓ of the mixture to the loaf pan. Add the chocolate balls to the glass loaf pan and pour the ⅔ of the remaining ice cream mixture into the loaf pan

Sprinkle the broken milk chocolate over the ice cream mixture and pour the remaining ice cream mixture into the loaf pan

Add the reserved cherry marmalade to the loaf pan and mix well. Cover the loaf pan with the cling film and keep the loaf pan in the deep freezer and freeze overnight

Next day take out the ice cream from the freezer, top up with some more chocolate chunks & enjoy this delicious ice cream

Time to Taste:)

Serve with some more chocolate sprinklers

Note: Pls adjust the sweetness levels to taste


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