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"Delicious Gur Ki Meethi Seviyan Recipe: A Sweet Twist to Traditional Vermicelli"

Prep Time: 10 mins I Cooking Time: 25 - 30 mins I Serve: 2 - 3

Meethi Seviyan or Semiya Recipe is a preparation of vermicelli cooked with vermicelli, jaggery powder, ghee and nuts. It can be made with/without milk/khoya. It's an easy and quick Indian dessert made on festivals/small get together. It is a delicious delicacy with which one can enjoy after lunch/dinner. So if you are ready for a sweet treat try this easy recipe and enjoy!

Ingredients :-

2 cups Water

¾ cup Jaggery Powder

2 tbsp/30 ml Desi Ghee(clarified Butter)

2 tbsp. Dry Coconut (finely chopped)

8-10 Cashew Nuts (broken/chopped)

1 cup/ 200 g (approx.) Vermicelli (seviyan)

10-12 Raisins

1-2 tsp Muskmelon Seeds (for garnishing)

Method :-

Boil 2 cups of water in apan, once it starts boiling add jaggery powder to the pan and wait for a boil. When it starts boiling, turn off the flame, remove the scum with the help of a spoon and set aside (covered) to cool down

Heat ghee/clarified butter in a vessel. Once slightly hot/melted add chopped dry coconut + cashew nuts to the vessel and stir for 10 seconds and then add vermicelli to the vessel and roast until slightly golden in color on low flame. Stir regularly on low flame for even cooking

Once the vermicelli and nuts colour changes to light golden, add jaggery syrup to the pan and mix well . Cover and cook for 7-8 mins on low flame

After 7-8 mins, remove the lid and stir. Allow to cook uncovered for another 3 -4 mins, low flame until water gets completely absorbed. Add raisins when the seviyan are almost cooked 

Once the water gets completely dried out, turn off the flame and allow it to rest for 2-3 mins. Dish out and garnish with nuts of your choice.

Time To Taste:)

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