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Melon Salad with a Citrus Mint Dressing

Prep Time: 15 mins I Serve: 2 - 3

This Easy Melon Salad with Lime and Mint Dressing is a refreshing combination of ripe cantaloupe, tangy lemon and mint. You will love how quick and easy this fruit salad comes together to create the perfect snack, light lunch, or side dish. This is a wonderfully fresh explosion of flavors!

Ingredients :-

1 Cantaloupe, med size (rind & seeds removed) 8-10 Mint Leaves (washed & finely chopped)

For salad dressing :-

Black Salt (to taste) ½ tsp. Red Chili Powder/Paprika Powder 1 tsp. Sugar/Honey 2 tsp. Fresh Lime Juice

Method :-

Remove rind of cantaloupe with a knife and cut into half, with a help of a spoon scoop out the seeds and cut the melon to large wedges and then chunks

Add the melon chunks to a large bowl. Then add salt + red chili/paprika powder + sugar + fresh lime juice + mint leaves to the bowl. Stir to combine everything

Refrigerate for half an hour before serving

Enjoy in morning breakfast or Serve with any starter or even with main course of your choice

Time To Taste :)

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