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Mutton Rara

Prep Time: 20 mins I Marinating Time: 3 hrs./overnight for best results I Cooking Time: 1.5 hr. I Serve: 3 - 4

Rara Mutton is a popular dish in the northern regions of India. The combination of whole spices, powdered spices and marinated mutton make it a tasty, spicy dish which can be enjoyed with plain rice or phulkas/rotis. It is usually made with mutton chunks, however, the following recipe uses two types of mutton to give it a restaurant-like flavour and consistency. What makes the rara gosht recipe different from the other mutton curry recipes is the unique combination of mutton curry cut pieces with mutton keema. You can also make mutton rara with boneless or bone-in lamb mutton pieces and mince. Make this delicious Restaurant Style Mutton Rara curry at home using my version for this recipe and enjoy this delectable dish with your loved ones!

Ingredients :-

For Rara Garam Masala Powder :-

2 tsp. Black Peppercorns 2 tsp. Coriander Seeds 1.5 tsp. Cumin Seeds 8-10 Cloves

8-10 Green Cardamom 4-5 Black Cardamom 2-3 Mace Strands 2-3 Bay Leaf (halved) 1 inch Cinnamon Stick

For Curry :-

1 kg / 2.2 lb. Mutton Bone-In (Curry-cut) 350 g. Tender Goat meat (minced) 6 tbsp./90 ml. Vegetable Oil 1 tsp. Ginger (minced) 2 tsp. Garlic (minced) 2 Red Chilies (whole & dried) 4 Onions, med-size (grated) Salt to taste 1.5 tsp. Turmeric Powder 2.5 tsp. Red Chili Powder 3 Tomatoes, med-size (grind to purée) ½ cup/120 g. (approx. ) Curd/Yogurt

1 cup/240 ml. Hot Water

1.5 tsp Rara Garam Masala Powder (prep earlier)

Freshly chopped coriander for garnishing Method :-

Heat a non-stick pan and add all the whole spices mentioned under the (Rara garam masala powder list) to the pan/kadai and dry roast for 4-5 mins on low flame until fragrant. Once completely roasted, switch off the gas and allow them cool down

Once cold add all the roasted spices(whole) to the grinder jar and grind to a fine powder (Garam Masala). Set aside for later use

Heat oil in a pan/kadai on low medium flame. Once it gets hot add minced ginger + garlic to the pan/kadai. Stir for 3-4 mins on low medium flame. Add red chili and stir for another minute

Next add grated onions to the pan/vessel and stir continuously for next 8-10 mins on low medium flame until the onion colour changes to light golden brown

Once the onion colour changes to light golden brown add salt + turmeric powder + red chili powder to the pan/vessel and stir for a minute

Add minced meat to the pan/vessel and mix well. Roast the minced meat for next 6-7 mins on low medium flame. Stir continuously. Next add tomato purée to the pan/vessel. Mix well and stir for 5-7 minutes on low-medium flame

Once the oil separates add the mutton to the pan/vessel. Mix well and stir for another 4-5 mins on low medium flame

Next, add curd/yogurt to the pan/vessel. Mix well and roast the mutton for 5-7 mins on low medium flame. Then add hot water and give it a stir

Cover and cook for next 40-45 mins on low flame until mutton gets tender. Stir in regular intervals for even cooking and to avoid sticking/burning

Remove the lid and check if the mutton has completely cooked or not? if yes then, roast (bhuno) the mutton for next 7-10 mins on low flame until it starts releasing oil/fat

When the oil is released from the mutton and the mutton is cooked properly then add Rara garam masala powder (prep earlier), garnish with finely chopped coriander and switch off the gas

Time to Taste :)

Enjoy with Butter Naan, Garlic Naan, laccha paratha, chilled raita and some pickled onions


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