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Watermelon Milkshake with Chia Seeds

Prep Time: 20 mins I Soaking Time: 30-40 mins I Serve: 2 - 3

Watermelon Milkshake with Chia Seeds is a simple, light and sweet treat during hot summers. Made in just minutes with a few easy ingredients is the best summer delight. Chia seed is another wonder ingredient. It give a beautiful texture when added to the watermelon and rose milk. A delicious and refreshing watermelon drink is definitely worth a try.

Ingredients :-

1 Watermelon, med size (roughly chopped, reserve 1 cup watermelon chunks for later use) 1 tbsp. Chia Seeds

½ cup/120 ml. Water ¼ cup/60 ml. + 2 tsp. Rose Syrup/Rooh afza (2 tsp for topping)

1 cup Watermelon (cut into small chunks (reserved earlier) Chia Seeds (soaked earlier) 2 cups/480 ml. Milk (boiled & chilled)

Method :-

Soak the chia seeds in a medium size bowl by adding water. Mix well. Cover and let it rest for at least 30- 40 mins

Cut the reserved watermelon into small chunks and remove the seeds

Meanwhile, take a large bowl and put the strainer on top of the bowl. Add the roughly chopped watermelon pieces to the strainer and with the help of a big spoon press the watermelon pieces hard against the mesh to make it soft pulp and allow the juice to pass through the strainer. Discard the seeds and remaining pulp. This hand process was done as we don’t want seeds taste to come in our milkshake which usually comes if we blend the watermelon in a blender. OR you can blend the watermelon in a blender if you have a seedless watermelon

Similarly, repeat the same process for the remaining watermelon. Once we get the watermelon juice remove the strainer. Our seedless watermelon juice is ready for the making watermelon milkshake

Next, add the rose syrup + watermelon chunks + soaked chia seeds + milk to the same bowl. Mix well until the rose syrup gets completely dissolved. Once completely dissolved refrigerate the milkshake for at least an hour before serving

Transfer the chilled watermelon chia seeds milkshake to the glasses and drizzle some rose syrup on the milkshake and enjoy this yummy drink to beat the heat during summer season

Time to Taste :)


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