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Aubergine Recipe I Baingan Ka Bharta

Prep Time: 20 mins I Cooking Time: 1 hr I Serving: 2-3

Ingredients :-

For Roasting : -

2 Eggplant, medium sized (washed)

10-12 Garlic Cloves (peeled)

3 Tomatoes, medium sized (whole)

2-3 Green Chillies (stem removed & washed)

Veg Oil for brushing

For Tempering :-

4 tbsp./60ml - Veg Oil

4 Onion, medium sized(roughly chopped)

1 cup/150g Green Peas (shelled & washed - fresh/frozen)

½ tsp Turmeric Powder

1 tsp Red Chilli Powder

½ tsp Coriander Powder

¼ tsp Cumin Powder

Salt to taste(divided)

1 tbsp./4-5 Sprigs Fresh Coriander Leaves (chopped)

Process :-

For Roasting : -

Place all the vegetables (brinjal, garlic pod, tomatoes, and chillies)on the chopping board. In brinjal, make 3 inches long 3-4 cuts lengthwise and insert 2-3 garlic cloves and 1 green chilli in each cut. Similarly repeat the same process for the second brinjal

Pour a few drops of veg oil on both the brinjals and apply evenly with the help of brush /hands

Make two cuts length and width wise on the lower end of all tomatoes. Take a skewer and insert in all the 3 tomatoes and set aside

Heat the roaster pan/tawa and roast both the brinjals until it is cooked (20-25 mins approx.) on low- medium flame. Keep turning the sides for even cooking

When roasted properly lower down the flame and gently remove them from the heat and place them on a plate & allow them to cool

On the same pan/tawa roast the tomatoes on low medium flame for 3-4 mins. When the outer skin turns black switch off the gas. Remove them from the pan and place them on a plate for cooling down

Take a big bowl filled with cold water and dip the roasted brinjals in water and gently remove the skin/outer layer. Discard the water and fill the bowl with clean water and wash the brinjals gently and set aside covered on a plate

Similarly repeat the same process for the tomatoes

Next, mash the eggplants along with chillies and garlic and chop the roasted tomatoes separately with the help of fork/knife and keep aside covered

For Tempering : -

Heat veg oil in a pan /kadai. Once oil is hot enough, add chopped onions to the pan and sauté for 4-5 mins on low-medium flame until translucent

Next add the washed peas and ½ tsp of salt to the pan. Mix well and sauté for 7-8 mins on low-medium flame until peas turns soft

Once the peas turn soft add the roasted chopped tomatoes to the pan. Mix well and stir for next 4-5 mins on low-medium flame

Add turmeric powder + red chilli powder + coriander powder + cumin powder and salt to the pan. Mix well and keep stirring for another 3-4 mins until oil separates from the masala

Next, add the mashed eggplant along with mashed garlic and chillies to the pan. Mix well and keep stirring for another 3-4 mins on low medium flame

Turn off the flame and garnish with fresh chopped coriander leaves

Time to Taste :)

Serve hot with Tawa Paratha, Ghee Chapati and some fresh salad

Note : pls adjust the spice levels to your taste.

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