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Bengali Patishapta Pitha Recipe

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Prep Time: 15-20 mins I Resting Time: 3 hrs. I Cooking Time: 30-40 mins I Serve: 2-3

Patishapta is a tasty, quick and easy sweet recipe. Patishapta is a traditional Bengali sweet made during Sankranti or even on other Bengali Pujo. Traditionally it is made from soaked and grinded rice mix but I have tried making a quick version of this recipe. Addition of Condensed milk with roasted coconut & dry fruits just makes it more creamy and simple mouthwatering.

Patishapta/Crepes with Sticky Coconut Filling

Ingredients :-

For the Batter :-

½ cup/ 90 g (approx.) Sooji/Semolina (fine)

¼ cup/ 30g All Purpose Flour

1 tbsp. Sugar

¼ tsp. Salt

1 cup/ 230 ml Milk(Boiled & on Room temperature)

For the Filling :-

8-10 Cashew Nuts (broken/chopped)

12-15 Raisins

200 g. Fresh Coconut (grated)

300 g. Condensed Milk (I have used Nestle)

For the Crepes :-

3 tbsp./45 ml Desi Ghee(clarified Butter)

Method :-

For the Batter :-

In a large bowl add semolina + all purpose flour + sugar + salt and mix well

Next keep adding milk gradually and keep whisking until a smooth batter is formed (sauce like consistency). Cover it and let it rest for min 3 hrs to rise

For the Filling :-

Add cashew nuts to the non stick pan and dry roast for 5-7 mins on low flame

When the colour changes to light pink , dish out and set aside

Wipe the pan with dry cloth /tissue paper and add grated coconut to the same pan. Dry roast the grated coconut on low flame until its colour changes to light golden brown. Keep stirring regularly to avoid burning

Next add condensed milk to the pan and mix well and stir for next 2-3 mins on low flame. Once it starts bubbling add (toasted cashew nuts) and raisins to the pan and mix well

Once it starts thickening, turn off the flame & let it cool down. Cover it & set aside

For the Crepes :-

After 3 hrs check the batter it should not be thick if, the batter has thickened just add little milk and whisk again to make it smooth

Heat a nonstick pan. Scoop the batter in a ladle and drop it onto the hot pan and with the help of the same ladle spread the batter in a circular motion. Cook for 3-4 mins on low-medium flame

Next apply some clarified butter/ghee on the edges. With the help of a spatula flip over and cook the other side for another 2-3 mins on low medium flame until light golden brown on colour

When cooked properly lower down the flame and flip over again

Next take a spoonful of coconut dry fruit mixture filling and spread in the center of the crepe in a row

With the help of a spatula close both the ends of the crepe and dish out

Similarly prepare the remaining crepes


First prepare all the crepes one by one and keep them (separated) on a plate one by one and switch off the gas

Take one crepes and place it on a plate/board then take a spoonful of coconut dry fruit mixture filling and spread in the center of the crepes in a row

Fold-in and join both the ends of the crepes and it’s ready to be served

Similarly prepare the remaining crepes

Time To Taste:)

Best enjoyed during festivals especially Durga Puja, Poila baishakh


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