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Fig and Cashew Nut Milkshake

Prep Time: 10 mins I Serve: 2 - 3

Fig and Cashew Nut Milkshake is a fiber rich fig and cashew healthy milkshake made with fresh figs and raw cashews. The taste will be different as compared to the dried figs. Dried figs version is sweeter whereas this version using fresh Figs will have a slightly different taste. You can also soak the cashew nuts in lukewarm water for at least 2-3 hours before using. This shake will be on a less sweeter side so you always adjust the sweetness as per your taste. Super creamy rich in nutrition and fibers makes this shake a complete breakfast meal with a slice of toasted bread butter. Enjoy on happy Sunday's...

Ingredients :-

4-5 Fresh Figs (peeled & finely sliced) + 1 (sliced, to garnish)

1 tbsp. Cashew Nuts (broken) + 2-3 (whole, to garnish)

2 Scoops Vanilla Ice Cream

3 tsp. Sugar OR (to taste)

2 cups/480 ml. Milk (boiled & chilled)

½ cup Ice Cubes (Optional)

Method :-

To the blender jar add all the ingredients mentioned above under the ingredients list one by one. Close the lid of the jar tightly and blend well for next 2-3 mins on high speed

Transfer the shake to the serving glass and garnish with more fig slices + cashew nuts and enjoy…

Note: This will be a thick shake almost like a smoothie and you will have cashew bits in your mouth while drinking

Time to Taste :)

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