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Banana and Coconut Crepes

Prep Time: 15 - 20 mins I Resting Time: 1 hr. I Cooking Time: 25 - 30 mins I Serve: 3 - 4

Those sticky, caramel bananas wrapped in a fluffy pancake, plus ice-cream on the side, I guarantee it’ll go down a blast.

Ingredients :-

For the Batter :-

3 Bananas (riped)

½ cup Sugar

½ cup Thick Coconut Cream

¼ cup Milk (lukewarm)

1 tsp. Vanilla Essence

1.5 cups Whole Wheat Flour

1 tbsp. Veg Oil

½ cup Fresh Coconut (grated)

For the Crepes :-

3 tbsp./45 ml. Desi Ghee(clarified Butter)/Vegetable Oil

1⁄2 tbsp. Caramel Syrup

1 Banana (sliced to roundels)

Powdered Sugar (Optional)

Method :-

For the Batter :-

To the blender jar add bananas + sugar. Close the lid tightly and pulse to make a smooth paste. Next, add coconut cream + milk + vanilla essence + wheat flour and veg oil to the bender jar. Pulse again to make a smooth thick batter for crepes

Pour the batter into a large bowl. Add grated coconut to the bowl. Mix well until homogeneous. Set aside for 1 hr. (covered)

For the Crepes :- After 1 hr. check the batter it should not be thick if, the batter has thickened just add little milk and whisk again to make it smooth

Heat a nonstick pan. Scoop the batter in a ladle and drop it onto the hot pan and with the help of the same ladle spread the batter in a circular motion. Cook for 3-4 mins on low med flame

Next apply some veg oil on the edges. With the help of a spatula flip over, drizzle few drops of oil and cook the other side for another 2-3 mins on low medium flame until light golden brown on colour

When cooked properly lower down the flame and dish out on a plate

Similarly prepare the remaining crepes. Transfer the crepes to the serving plate and arrange the sliced banana pieces over the prepared crepes. Next, drizzle caramel syrup

Time To Taste:)


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