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Mushroom Pepper Omelette

Prep Time: 10 mins I Cooking Time: 20 mins I Serve: 1 - 2

Mushroom Pepper Omelette is a perfect start for healthy and easy morning. "Perfect combination of colors, textures, and tastes." Mushroom Pepper Omelette is a winner whenever you are in a mood for hearty and filling breakfast:)

Ingredients :-

3 Eggs 1 tsp. + ¼ tsp. Salt (divided)

1 tsp. + ¼ tsp. Black Pepper Powder (divided)

2 chiplet/40 g. Butter (salted) (divided equally) 2 tbsp./30 ml. Veg Oil (divided equally) 1 Onion, large-size (finely sliced) 1 Green Capsicum, small size (finely sliced) 1 Yellow Capsicum, small size (finely sliced) 8-10 Button Mushroom (roughly sliced)

4 tbsp./ 20-25 g. - Cheese (cheddar & mozzarella mix) 3-4 Fresh Coriander Sprigs ( finely chopped)

Method :-

In a med size bowl break 3 eggs. Add salt + black pepper powder. Whisk well and set aside (covered)

Heat butter + veg oil in a non-stick pan. Add sliced onions + capsicum and stir for 1-2 mins on low-medium flame

Add mushrooms + ¼ tsp salt + ¼ tsp of black pepper powder to the pan and sauté for another 1-2 mins on low-medium flame. Stir continuously

Once the vegetables are half cooked, lower down the flame and dish out the vegetables on a plate. Set aside (covered)

To the same pan add the remaining butter + vegetable oil. Once the butter starts melting add the whisked egg mixture to the pan and cook for 2-3 mins on low flame. When the eggs start to harden, then layer the half cooked vegetables on it.

Next, add the grated cheese to the pan. Cover it with a lid and let it cook for 2-3 mins on low flame. Remove the lid and check if the omelette is properly cooked from all sides and the cheese has melted then turn off the flame

Transfer onto a serving plate & garnish with some freshly chopped coriander(optional)

Time to Taste :)

Serve with crispy toasted butter bread slices, or paratha with a cup of coffee/tea.

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